Playing catch-up: Cheap shots and books that deserve better

So this is really ridiculous. I have a baker’s dozen of books that I’ve not written about, dating back several months because either I’ve lost interest in this blog (along with several other readers) or I’ve just not had the time. Or, perhaps, both.

So let’s play catch up. (And in the interest of catching up, I’ve decided NOT to proofread this.)

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My summer of reading crap – Part 2: Some novels

We’re well into fall and I’m still behind in my reviews of books I slogged through this summer.

Every night, exhausted from work and family, I fall into bed and stare at the ceiling, guilty that I haven’t saved you, my devoted, gentle reader(s) from picking up a book that looks interesting only to discover it’s crap.

Here are brief reviews of some of the crap. Hold your nose.

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