The Classics Challenge

challengeEvery year, I offer a list of categories to encourage you to read classics. By classics, I mean books that are at least 50 years old. This is a running list of categories since 2016. Join us and leave your comments at the end of my posts.

  1. A classic you were forced to read in high school.
  2. A 19th-Century classic.
  3. A classic in translation.
  4. A classic by an author who is not white.
  5. A classic adventure story.
  6. A classic detective story.
  7. A classic with the name of a place in the title.
  8. A classic that was banned.
  9. A classic that is pure trash.
  10. A classic with the word “death” or “dead” or “murder” or some other synonym for “death” in the title.
  11. A work by an author who is new to you.
  12. Something written by an ancient Greek (if this sounds daunting, remember it could be a play).
  13. A work by a woman.
  14. A biography of a writer or a memoir.
  15. A work written in the 1930s.
  16. Something written about or for children.
  17. A work set in another country
  18. A work that is essentially a love story.

Join us. The goal is to expand our reading horizons, and 11 books isn’t too much work.

I also ask that you try to post comments on the blog, and not on my Facebook posts. I’m happy to see comments both places, but would love to turn this blog into a place where we can have a friendly, ongoing conversation about books. Write thoughts about the books you read or let me know you disagree with my comments. Failing that, I’d even appreciate a “like” if, indeed, you do.