Philip Roth and his filthy ‘Everyman’

Oh Philip Roth, why can’t I quit you?

I like his work, I really do, but I have to lower my expectations.  He’s written, like, 600 novels so I guess I have to learn that everything can’t be “The Plot Against America” or “Portnoy’s Complaint.”

I’m coming across more things like “The Humbling” lately, and it’s making me question the critical tongue baths he gets for every sentence he writes. Continue reading “Philip Roth and his filthy ‘Everyman’”

What to do with Philip Roth?

I have a love/hate relationship with Philip Roth, the author of more than 30 novels, of a breadth and depth that may be unknown in American literature — most certainly in modern American literature. The Human Stain

He’s been turning out great work since “Goodbye, Columbus” was published in 1960. He’s won too many awards to count and the literature community is placing bets on when — not whether — he will become the next Nobel Prize winner from the United States. In 2006, the New York Times Book Review asked prominent literary critics (yet somehow, not me), writers, editors and other book-ie people to list the single best American novel of the past 25 years. Six of Roth’s works were in the top 22 chosen by these couple hundred people. One of them was “The Human Stain.” Continue reading “What to do with Philip Roth?”