On a break

This blog started as a way to fill time at a job at which I was woefully underused. Things have changed in the nearly four years since I started this.

I have books and books and books that I’ve read that I haven’t written about because there are so many other things demanding my attention. I also want to read obscure books that don’t get a lot of attention when I do write about them and I find myself rethinking my book choices over and over — should I read for myself or for the blog? Sometimes I can’t even enjoy something I’m reading because I’m reviewing it in my head.

And there are things of my own I want to write.

All that leads to the headline: I’m taking a break. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe not, but if I’m on an announced break, I’m not going to feel guilty about not posting regularly. It’s time to simplify.

Thanks to those who read this and encouraged me.


3 thoughts on “On a break

  1. Lyndsey

    Thanks for letting us know, Ron. Although I don’t always respond to your posts, I always enjoy reading them. I look forward to your future endeavors!


  2. Ron … Writing is something you do when inspired to write. Reading is something you do when inspired to read. Whatever inspires you … do it. You don’t need an excuse to take care of your soul, your spirit, your mind … or whatever you need to take care of. Find a book. Read it. Enjoy it. If you want to write about it, write about it. If not … no excuse needed. Enjoy your break. I for one hope you will return. From one writer to another.


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