A new year, a new challenge: Making this blog better for all (but mostly for me)

Gentle Reader,

The 2016 Classics Challenge ended by kicking my butt.

Three categories—and you may remember this was a shortened list of categories—went unread. I would say at least a dozen other books I read went unblogged about due to lack of time or because I had nothing to say about them.

So you’ll see a few changes on Shelf Improvement this year. You might say I’m improving my shelf. Come on, that’s funny.

1: The page dedicated to the 2016 Classics Challenge has been renamed the 2016/17 Classics Challenge, so it doesn’t look as though I’ve been a slacker. I will add new categories soon.

2: I won’t choose categories for you. Feel free to attack what book you want in whatever order you want. It’s all about reading, not keeping up with me. And, truth be told, the conversation I envisioned never really happened. I had envisioned my own little online book club and I’m disappointed it hasn’t happened yet, but that’s life.

3: I’m planning on doing a bit of catch up, so look for a flurry of reviews. These reviews will be, in general, shorter so you, Gentle Reader, won’t be daunted by them. But more important, I won’t let them pile up, either.

4: I’ll also try to read relevant books, as reviews of newer works seem to get more readers.

So here’s to a better year for this blog and its devoted readers. But mostly, for me. I don’t need the guilt of not keeping you challenged or not blogging.




One thought on “A new year, a new challenge: Making this blog better for all (but mostly for me)

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