Hey Classics Challengers: Can you squeeze a new author in this year?

It’s December 30. That means one day left for this year’s Classics Challenge and one category left: A classic by an author new to you.

This author isn’t, new to me, but I’ve never read anything by him. Actually, I don’t think most people know he wrote more than one work and, in fact, I need to go find the book so I can remember his name.

tollboothOK. I’m back. It’s Norton Juster and I’m about to read his 1961 classic “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Now this book has been around in my house for years. My oldest kid loves it, but no one else has read it. Adults I know say they read it all the time as kids. Writers I know say it inspired them to get to know the value and importance of words. Me? It’s been sitting on my dresser, serving as an oversized coaster, waiting for me to move it to the box in the basement for books we’re donating.

I may be cheating a bit. This is a book aimed at children and it has lots of pictures. Yay! But those things mean I should be able to get through it and write about it before midnight strikes and 2015’s Classics Challenge officially ends and 2016’s Challenge begins. (More on that later.)

I’d make this longer, but I have reading to do. See you tomorrow.


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