So many books, so little time. God, that’s trite. Let’s try again.

So many books, so few people to talk about them with. That’s really more like it and that’s why I started this.

Once upon a time (there’s another trite phrase) I was a freelance book reviewer for the Detroit Free Press. I saw my reviews quoted on the backs of books and on author websites, so either they were well written or gushy. I only gush on special occasions, often when I’ve had not quite enough wine.

This site will feature reviews of books I read, both new and old, as well as my thoughts about authors, publishers, readers, reading, libraries, trashy novels and those boxes and boxes of books in my basement that I have sworn to my wife I will read before I die. Of course I plan on living to 140.

And don’t be shy, let me know when I’m being dumb. Feel free to marvel (in writing) at my insights, too. Let me know what you’re reading and I’ll consider featuring it in a future post.

Happy reading.



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